tutorial – how to mix skin tones | oil paint


  • easy way to learn how to mix a skin tone palette for portraits
  • 3 steps: 1. base skin tone 2. limited skin tone palette 3. expanded palette


I always found mixing skin tones extremely difficult. As I started with oil portraits I searched for a good tutorial but it was so hard to find.

In most of the tutorials color brands or specific details weren’t mentioned. The hint to use a cobalt violet isn’t really a great help – different brands lead to completely different results. So I tried many different ways on my own and I tried many different oil brands to find a way which works best for me.

In this tutorial I will show you my way to mix skin tones

  • in 3 steps (how to mix a base skin tone, how to create a limited skin tone palette and how to expand this palette)
  • I will tell you exactly with which brands I work
  • and my hints and tricks for a more realistic results
  • I will show you a timelapse of one of my portrait paintings
  • in an easy way for beginners
  • you can take a look at my instgram account for a preview (siennakortes), the download video will provide you much more information, hints&tips, more colors, more shades, expanded palette, and everything slowlier